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Stripper Juice Brand - Made in the USA

Quick Clean & Detail!  Designed for use on all metals, painted & clear coat surfaces but works well on glass or plexi-glass too!


Possibly motorcycling's best kept secret. Great for paint, chrome, and pre polished aluminum. Id like to see larger cans of the stuff!   H. Malkin

Amazing product! Someone decided it would be funny to pour a milkshake on my car hood, my wife's van hood, and the neighbors truck. I didn't notice that the shake was on the vehicles paint jobs until 4 pm! So it probably baked for ten hours on the vehicles. I about lost my sh@t until I remembered I have STRIPPER JUICE. I grabbed the bottle, shook it up and sprayed a large amount on the now hardened mess and let it work it's magic as I massaged it into my hood on the milkshake disaster. To my surprise it was dissolving the shake!!!!!!! I had to apply it twice to my hood, but it removed it all leaving it more shiny than before the vandalism 💯🤘😋🤘 I cleaned the hoods on the other two cars and it removed it from them too. The bad part is I'm very close to being out of product and my wallet is empty for another month. I bought my dad some before mine and he praises it every time I see him! It has his Cadillac looking clean as heck! Thank you so much for saving my paint and preventing me from cardiac arrest 😉👍   Donald P.

Awesome stuff! Perfect for a quick clean & shine between wax jobs! Easy on, easy off.   M. Moberly

I use this on my new Harley and my husband uses it on his older model. We clean our bikes in half the time as using regular cleaners. I use it in my car, which is a convertible that I never but the top up on, in place of Armor-All. It keeps my dash looking great! It smells good too. Not that oily smell from other cleaners.  D. McClain

I've been cleaning motorcycles for over 40 years and this is hands down the easiest cleaner i've found to use. The motorcycle i have now is two years old and has never been washed with water. Just spray it on and wipe it down with a microfiber towel and you're good to go. Works on all parts of the bike including the windshield.  T. Smith

The best waterless cleaner & polish i've ever used!! not just on my motorcycle, but inside & outside on my cars too! works well on every element of my bike, no scratching & very little buffing. not a novelty product.. Stripper Juice is the real deal!   L. Nicholas

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Q:  What's in Stripper Juice?

A:   Stripper Juice contains an Industrial strength cleaners & degreaser, Carnuba Wax, rust inhibitor, UV Protectant and the shine agent contains NO silicone.

Q:  How do you use Stripper Juice?

A:   Shake can before spraying. Dispense small amount directly on surface to be cleaned. Use a clean micro fiber cloth and work in circular motion to clean & degrease. Use another clean cloth to buff and polish to a beautiful shine. 

Q:  Is this the same formula that was in the aluminum colored can? 

A:   Yes and No!  This is the same product, but the blend has been improved by removing the harsh preservatives and using a non-flammable propellant used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This results in less buffing after cleaning and makes it more environmentally friendly. The aluminum can has been replaced with this seamless steel can, which is more durable. It also passed a 90 day oven test for corrosion prior to production. No rusty cans and no rusty motorcycles!

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